Stock Picks: The Hi-Tech Gears

The Hi-Tech Gears is primarily a gear and transmission components manufacturer and supplier. Its products include transmission gears, timing gears, shafts and precision forging. It currently has 5 manufacturing units.

Key Facts:
– Technical tie-ups with Honda, Japan and Getrag, US
– Significant entry barrier due to its technology tie-ups, experience and clients
– Supply to OEM 2-wheelers, trucks, tractors and off-road vehicles
– Low cost producer
– Entered industrial and defence robotics business – received one patent, 12 patents pending
– 30% of its revenue come from exports

– Top clients include Hero, Tata Cummins, JCB, Daimler, Honda, Bosch and Wabco
– Preferred supplier to Hero MotoCorp
– Global supplier to Cummins US and Robert Bosch
– Produce precision components for Robert Bosch and Volvo

– Good management
– 3x earnings growth in the last 10 years
– Growth rate is better than industry average
– Consistent dividend payout
– Expanded its client base and product range

Opportunity Size:
– India to emerge as the destination of choice for auto components
– Indian auto component local market is expected to double to $115 billion by 2020
– Indian auto component export market is expected to increase 4x to $40 billion by 2020
– Post GST, replacement market size is expected to increase 4x of OEM market size

– Veteran Investor Nemish Shah owns 7% of the company and his average buy price was Rs 265

– High client concentration (Hero account for 50% of its revenue)
– Cyclical business

At current price of Rs 280, the rate of return is 10.5% based on pre-tax earnings to market cap and the dividend yield is 1%.

Competition – Shivam Autotech. Read more: [Economic Times]
Make in India – Auto Components. Read mode: [Make in India]
Factory Tour. Watch video: [Hi-Tech Gears]

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