10 things to know this week – Oct 07, 2016

Here are the ten interesting things to know this week, ended Oct 07, 2016.

1) Warren Buffett of Canada Prem Watsa sees India as ‘shining star’ in the world
Watsa describes Narendra Modi as the ‘Lee Quan Yew’ of India and hopes that the Prime Minister would be re-elected so that he can continue to transform India. Read more: [ET Now]

2) Patel’s Big Day out an Abrupt Shift from Rajan’s Stormy Era
It was meant to be independence day for India’s central bank. It might instead be viewed as mission accomplished for PM Modi’s government. Read more: [Bloomberg]

3) We don’t focus on buying the highest dividend yield stocks in the market
An exclusive interview with Shreyash Devalkar of BNP Paribas Mutual Fund where he talks about the market, his stock selection process and ideas. Read more: [Value Research]

4) Investors can make money from smaller firms narrowing the valuation gap with market leaders
Many smaller companies who have little chance of winning are catching up with market leaders, opening up opportunities for investors. Read more: [Economic Times]

5) IPO watch: Endurance Tech a good bet on strong prospects
Endurance Tech is a key supplier to Bajaj Auto, Royal Enfield and European carmaker Fiat. The biggest risk for the company is its client concentration. Read more: [Economic Times]

6) Unmatched efficiency, growing market share make IndiGo stock a good long-term investment
IndiGo is well ahead of its competitors in terms of operational efficiency – less delays, cancellation, consumer complaints, etc. Read more: [Economic Times]

7) Putin’s Ultimatum to the Next U.S. President
Judging from the list of grievances that President Vladimir Putin has laid out, even a relatively Putin-friendly Donald Trump will have a hard time satisfying him. Read more: [Bloomberg]

8) Bill Gross: Markets are a casino and ‘this cannot end well’
Central bankers have turned investing into a casino game with an unpleasant outcome likely, the bond king said. Read more: [CNBC]

9) Brexit fears send British pound to new 31-year low
The British pound slumped to its lowest level in 31 years on Tuesday on fears that the U.K.’s divorce from the European Union will be bad for the economy. Read more: [CNN Money]

10) Passive investing is on a tear, and for very good reason, experts say
Studies find just over half of assets in mutual funds and exchange-traded funds are now passively invested, meaning they follow an index of some sort. Read more: [CNBC]

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