Ritesh Jain’s what I read this week

Ritesh Jain is the CIO of Tata Asset Management.

Oct 22, 2016 – Why a 15-yr-old hedge fund shut shop
There is some interesting stuff about how India’s economic growth has coincided with a growing employment crisis, says Ritesh Jain of Tata AMC. Read more: [Economic Times]

Sep 20, 2016 – The mega CIC puzzle and how easy liquidity is aiding underground economy
You kept asking where is the money? But all through last year markets and analysts have been trying to crack this puzzle as to why the growth of currency-in-circulation has increased so sharply in the recent months. Read more: [Economic Times]

10 Sep, 2016 – Pain points of our economy, and those in Europe
Hanjin Shipping, one of the world’s biggest shipping company filed for bankruptcy. Will Europe be the trigger point of a bubble burst this time around? Read more: [Economic Times]

03 Sep, 2016 – Dollar has a threat
It is the underlying technology of digital currency like bitcoin. We are talking about blockchain technology. Read more: [Economic Times]

27 Aug, 2016 – Tough call for e-commerce – discount
An increasing number of people in India are dumping online shopping and returning to good old retail stores.  Read more: [Economic Times]

20 Aug, 2016 – Bond bubble, globalisation disconnect
Last week, I had written about how technology is at work to reverse the globalisation process. Read more: [Economic Times]

13 Aug, 2016 – The cost of low oil price 
The slump in oil prices has driven many oil exports dependent economies to adopt austere measures and cut down on non-essential expenditures.  Read more: [Economic Times]

Aug 06, 2016 – Money trail & TN’s ticking time bomb 
One thing that has been baffling investors and economists alike is the surge in currency in circulation since October 2015. Read more: [Economic Times]

Jul 23, 2016 – Benz, Banjara & helicopter money 
In the last 3 years, if we were bombarded with the term QE, be prepared to hear more about “helicopter money” in the near future.  Read more: [Economic Times]

Jul 09, 2016 – 5 interesting things I read this week
One thing is common among whatever I have been reading – all of them are of the opinion that ‘helicopter money’ is the only solution when central bank policies have failed to revive growth and inflation. Read more: [Economic Times]

Jul 09, 2016 – How to survive in a low-return world 
Nandan Nilekani, co-founder of Infosys in an article titled ‘The New Road to Nirvana’ articulates how the world is moving away from globalisation and what developing countries like India could do to thrive in this new economic environment. Read more: [Economic Times]

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