10 things to know this week – Nov 04, 2016

Here are the ten interesting things to know this week, ended Nov 04, 2016.

1) Looking at cyber security sector for next few years
In an exclusive interview with ET Now, Ramesh Damani says he is looking at cyber security sector for next few years, as there are very few companies in this space in India. Watch video: [ET Now]

2) Equities over long term best asset class worldwide
In an exclusive interview with ET Now, Mark Mobius, Executive Chairman, Templeton EM, says equities over long term best asset class worldwide for savings and growth. Watch video: [ET Now]

3) Top five mistakes Mark Mobius wants investors to avoid
The opportunities that India presents are incredible. Investors must avoid making simple mistakes in order to make the most out these while taking investment decisions. Read more: [Economic Times]

4) Why Warren Buffetts value investing model doesnt work in Indian market
Ambit Capital in a report said value investing does not always work in the context of the India market. Read more: [Economic Times]

5) 7 signs of a company in financial trouble
Net profit margin measures how well a company manages its expenses relative to its net sales. Deteriorating net profit margins indicate that expenses are too high. Read more: [Economic Times]

6) Road to wealth creation: Do you prefer a 10-bagger portfolio or a Coffee Can one?
In the ‘Coffee Can’ approach to portfolio building, long-term investing is done where the time horizon is usually more than 10 years. Read more: [Economic Times]

7) This is what could happen to the stock market if Donald Trump wins
Wall Street’s view that Clinton would win the election has been replaced by fear that Trump could, which probably won’t be a pretty picture for stocks. Read more: [CNBC]

8) The FBI is probing new emails tied to Clinton, here’s what you need to know
The FBI is looking into new emails related to Hillary Clinton, FBI Director James Comey said in a Friday letter. Here are the key facts. Read more: [CNBC]

9) Elon Musk Reveals Solar Roof Made of Glass Tiles in LA
Elon Musk showcased his ambitions to make Tesla Motors Inc. a clean-energy behemoth Friday, unveiling a new “solar-roof” product at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, California. Read more: [Bloomberg]

10) Berkshire profit falls; appears to keep Wells Fargo stake
Book value per share, Warren Buffett’s preferred measure of growth, rose 2.4% from the end of June to $163,783. Read more: [CNBC]

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