Honda Siel: Kenneth Andrade bought this rural franchise

On Jul 25, 2017 Old Bridge Capital bought 64,503 shares of Honda Siel for ₹8.7 crore, or ₹1348 per share.

On Jul 20, 2017 Reliance Capital bought 89,800 shares of Honda Siel for ₹12 crore, or ₹1350 per share.

As of Jul 2017, Reliance Capital holds 4,98,270 shares of Honda Siel. It is worth ₹67 crore at ₹1350 a share.

Honda Siel Power is a quality MNC available at a reasonable price and has not moved up in the last two years. I think Kenneth and Sunil are betting on the rural themes.


Honda Siel Power Products (HSPP) is a subsidiary of Honda Motor and was incorporated in 1985. It is engaged in manufacturing and marketing the portable gensets, water pumps, general-purpose engines, lawn mowers, brush cutters and tillers. The Company caters to both domestic and international markets. It is also engaged in the marketing of lawnmower, brush cutter, long tailed outboard motors and power tiller.

HSPP has the state-of-art manufacturing facilities at Noida. It has over 600 dealers and 15 area offices spread across India.

HSPP benefits from the rich experience of Honda Motor which is the second largest engine manufacturer in the world.

The business of General Purpose Engine and Water Pump sets is expected to contribute significantly to the company’s future growth plans.

A Quick Analysis of Honda Siel [BloombergQuint]

For next 10-15-year cycle, rural is the biggest play: Kenneth Andrade [EconomicTimes]

Kenneth Andrade likes rural franchise in the long run [CNBC]


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