Rajiv Bajaj – Turnaround architect

1) First collaborative robots in India – Aug 18, 2016
Bajaj Auto today has more than 100 collaborative robots driving its position as the world’s 3rd largest motorcycle manufacturer. Watch video: [Universal Robots]

2) Bajaj Auto to do a Tesla for smart cities in India? – July 28, 2016
Bajaj Auto is gearing up to meet challenges in the mobility space. Rajiv Bajaj said the company is working on a new initiative around the concept of urban mobility. Watch video: [Financial Express]

3) Rajiv Bajaj’s Contrarian Calls – Jun 24, 2016
Rajiv Bajaj talks about the future opportunities of 2-wheeler motor cycles market and also shares his learnings from his good friends Siddhartha Lal and Adita Ghosh. Watch video: [CNBC-TV18]

4) Rajiv Bajaj, India’s most reclusive MD – Sep 28, 2015
Rajiv says, ‘It is very easy to Make-in-India, but very difficult to sell in India’. Read more: [Business Insider]

5) Betting on the Discover 150 – Aug 12, 2014
Rajiv Bajaj talks about how Bajaj Auto likes to compete with Honda and other 2-wheeler companies. Watch video: [NDTV]

6) Business Leader of the Year – Apr 29, 2014
Rajiv Bajaj is described as the man who has driven the Indian two-wheeler industry into the 21st century. Watch video: [NDTV]

7) On Record: With Rajiv Bajaj – May 23, 2011
Bajaj Auto speaks to Bloomberg on the road ahead for Bajaj Auto.

Part 1. Watch video: [Bloomberg]

Part 2. Watch video: [Bloomberg]

Part 3. Watch video: [Bloomberg]


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