Jeff Bezos – The retail king

1) Jeff Bezos rules the world – Sep 6, 2016  
Amazon now has its own planes, several hit TV shows, a massive cloud computing business and tons of household items online. Watch video: [CNN Money]

2) Amazon’s Jeff Bezos has changed the world in a big way – May 2, 2016
Warren Buffett discusses Jeff Bezos’ extraordinary success with Amazon. Watch video: [CNBC]

3) Bill Gates On Future Of Artificial Intelligence – May 2, 2016
Bill Gates explains why artificial intelligence will be a huge help. Watch video: [CNBC]

4) Interview: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos – Dec 15, 2014  
Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, sat down with Henry Blodget at Business Insider’s Ignition 2014 for an in-depth interview on a variety of topics. Watch video: [Business Insider]

5) See Amazon’s new robot army – Dec 01, 2014
Amazon is employing warehouses full of robots to help package your holiday gifts. Watch video: [CNN Money]

6) Amazon Testing Drone Delivery System – Dec 1, 2013 says in a few years, your orders will be delivered to your door by drones. Watch video: [Gabbee]

7) High-Speed Robots Part 2 – Jul 12, 2013
Follow a robot as it works its day job—transforming the world of e-commerce by hustling packages around the giant warehouses that propel the modern economy. Watch video: [WIRED]

8) High-Speed Robots Part 1 – Jul 02, 2013
Get a bots’-eye view of the “human exclusion zone” in a massive warehouse where an army of high-tech robots finds and fulfils up to 30,000 orders a day. Watch video: [WIRED]


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